Lab members


This is what we’re like ALL the time. Really. Sciencing that science! (Baenziger lab winter 2016, left to right: Dan 2, Dan 1, Claire, Camille, Isabelle, Jaimee, Jiayin)

Current Research Group

Postdoctoral Fellow

Camille Hénault, PhD

MSc Biochemistry, University of Ottawa (2013-2015)

B.Sc. Biochemistry/Min. Biol., University of Ottawa (2013)

Home town: Aylmer, Quebec

Research Project: The lipid-dependent uncoupled nAChR


                  • Governor General’s gold medal, PhD thesis
                  • Valedictorian, class of 2021
                  • NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship CGS-D (2015-2018)
                  • 2nd place talk, BMI Seminar Day (2016)
                  • 3rd place poster, BMI Poster Day (2015)
                  • Award of Excellence in Graduate Studies (2014)

Graduate Students

Toka Hussein, PhD student

Deepansh Mody, PhD student

Anna Ananchenko, PhD student

Mackenzie Thompson, PhD student

Undergraduate Students


Previous Students

jaimee_d (1)

Jaimee Domville
M.Sc. Student (09/2015-)

B.Sc. Biochemistry, University of Ottawa (2015)

Home town: Aylmer, Quebec

Research Project: The role of aM4 in the gating and allosteric modulation of human muscle type nAChRs


  • University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship (Msc)

Undergraduate Students

Marshall Macduff

Stephanie Bogdan

Charlotte Wagner Searle

Annie Jiang


Recent Alumni

Undergraduate Students (2011-present)

Date                   Alumnus                                      Graduating Position

2015-2019           Shobhitha Balasubramaniam      We aren’t sure!

2013-2016            Jiayin Sun                                   Medical student

2012-2016            Daniel Therien                            Graduate student in Chemistry

2015-2016            Claire Edrington                          Graduate student in Biochemistry

2015-2016            Daniel Giguere                            Graduate student in Biochemistry

2014 – 2015         Jaimee Domville                          Graduate student in Biochemistry, University of Ottawa

2014 – 2015         Matthew Robert Vincent

2012 – 2013         Cameron Smithers                       Graduate student in Biochemistry, University of Alberta

2012 – 2013         Camille Hénault                            Graduate student in Biochemistry, University of Ottawa

2011 – 2012         Julian Surujballi                            Medical student, University of Western Ontario

2011 – 2012         Daniel Therien                              Graduate student in Biochemistry, University of Ottawa

Graduate Students

Date                   Alumnus                                      Position post-graduation

2015 – 2021          Camille Hénault, Ph.D.                Postdoctoral fellow

2008 – 2014         Casey Carswell, Ph.D.                  Eastern Ontario Regional Laboratory

2009 – 2013         Jon Labriola, M.Sc.                      Ph.D. candidate in Biochemistry, McGill University

2004 – 2009         Ngoc Vuong, M.Sc.                     Ph.D. candidate in Biochemistry, University of Ottawa

2005 –2008          Michel Sturgeon, M.Sc.               Ph.D. candidate in Physiology & Neuroscience, Queen’s University

2000 – 2006          Corrie daCosta, Ph.D.                  Research Associate, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA

2002 – 2005         Danny Hill, M.Sc.                          Hematologist, Sault Area Hospital

1994 – 2000         Stephen Ryan, Ph.D.                    Diagnostic Radiologist, Ottawa Hospital

1993 – 1997         Nathalie Méthot, Ph.D.                Professeure, la cité collégiale


Postdoctoral trainees

Date                   Alumnus                                      Current Position (Jan 2015)

2006 – 2009           Dr. Corrie daCosta                     Associate professor, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Science

2000 – 2002           Dr. Andrei Ogrel                        Consultant at International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

Former Research Associate

Peter Juranka
Research Associate (06/2011-07/2015)
Ph.D. Microbiology, University of Toronto (1985)

Home town: Toronto, Ontario

Research Project: Functional characterization of nAChRs using single channel and whole cell electrophysiology techniques
1986-90 Post-doc, Ontario Cancer Institute – Dr. Victor Ling.
1991-92 Research Associate, U of Toronto – Dr. V.L. Chan
1993-2011 Research Associate, Neuroscience, OHRI – Dr. C.E. Morris